About Us

Energy To Motion

About 10 years ago we started our business as a reseller of products for the electrical and electronics industry, by providing all of our experience.
Until now, for third parts, we have dealt almost exclusively with producing or making custom electrical and electronic components, for various applications, including control of equipment at high-profile technology and automation.

For some years, using the know-how that our production labs and our team of engineers and technicians have aquired until now, we decided to start a challenge in realizing contactors for the use in extreme environments and situations particularly harsh.
We have then produced our line of contactors MIL serie, that integrates the resale of products with high reliability and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to design and sell products strictly conform to our know-how, choosing only the best for industrial automation and energy conversion. The continuous technological research allows us to offer products of high quality and reliability, combined with highly competitive market prices.